Twitter feed, Voice Post Roundup, and Arachnid Update

Follow @spiderine or #occupyboston on Twitter for up-to-the-moment updates from Tent City on Dewey Square!

6:42 PM Welcome to Tent City!

8:01 PM This is what democracy sounds like…

9:12 PM Now that you can hear me…

1:11 PM Neck Deep in the Big Muddy…

5:08 PM Soaked!

7:04 PM Breaking News!

On another note, I’ve decided that I can’t vid for crap, so I’m returning the vidcam and giving the refund to the #occupyboston Legal Defense Bail Fund. If you’d rather I not do that, please let me know and I’ll send your money back to you. It’s your money, and I want to use it as you see fit.

I spent the entire day yesterday talking to privileged arseholes. I came home soaked to the skin and my knees sound like rice krispies. I overslept my alarm and woke up at noon.

The revolution will have to get along without me today, even though I really wanted to be there. It’s National Student Solidarity Walk out and there were hundreds of students joining us from Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, Tufts, Brandeis and others including Harvard, MIT, UMass Boston, Berklee, Simmons, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, plus the Massachusetts Nurses Association/National Nurses United has endorsed us and is sending 300 nurses. I SO VERY WANTED TO BE THERE.

I have more than 200 emails to catch up on and the Occupy database to work on. I need coffee more than blood right now. What happened while I was gone?

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