First General Assembly


Last night I went to the first General Assembly to plan #occupyboston. There were about 200 to 250 people there. It was supposed to be a process meeting, but you know how that goes when you try to run something that large on a non-hierarchical consensus basis. Especially since a lot of the crowd had never done anything like this before, and many of those who have were more interested in making speeches regarding their own preferred causes. But finally things settled down and we were able to break up into working groups — medical, legal, tactical, logistical, all that stuff. Tactics was the biggest group; everyone wants to be an agitator. LOL

I looked at the legal group and it was very small, so I sighed and went on over and it was exactly as I knew it would be. A few law students, a few attorneys, including a woman from the ACLU and 2 from the National Lawyers Guild, and a couple of people who just want to help. I told them I’ve been a legal secretary for 20 years, I can run databases, manage mailings, do research, e-file for state and federal courts, format briefs, etc etc. Oh, and type 75 wpm. Yeah, I’m in. Heh.

Then I went over to the media group, which was HUGE naturally. But they were split into subgroups: liaisons with mainstream media, people who were organizing the official news coming out of the occupation, a bunch of random bloggers and so forth. I really don’t want to be yet another random blogger, although I hope to blog my personal experiences. But there was a group of people who were organizing the live streams, audio and video feeds, “new media” blah blah. Mostly students, of course. I started listening and then one of the people from the livestream asked if anyone had any professional interviewing and reporting experience. I raised a tentative hand “er, yeah?” Only one or two other people did, surprisingly. I talked to them about some of the stuff I’ve done and signed up on the email list, and I may end up with a microphone in my hand yet. At least then I won’t have to worry about my phone batteries dying! LOL

I will be on Dewey Square on Friday September 30, 2011 to give my voice to the cause. What about you?

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